Can You Freeze Pork Pies? Tips for Freezing Pork Pies

Can You Freeze Pork Pies?

Can you freeze pork pies?
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Pork pies make the ultimate food item that you can carry to any place to satisfy your cravings. They are high-calorie meals that you must avoid if you are on a diet. However, here we have some tips and suggestions that will help you freeze pork pies.

So, freezing pork pies is an easy process and won’t cost much of your precious time. But, before we get into that let’s dig some more into the nutritional stats of pork pies. Apart from being high in calories, pork pies are excellent in providing abundant protein as well.

Thus, to anyone who wishes to have a shift in their muscular development, you should have pork pie as a snack. Do not eat them regularly but you can eat them weekly in your diet routine. Pork pies are traditional delicacies and this is the reason why many native populations love them across different nations.

How to Freeze Pork Pies for a Long Time?

How to freeze pork pie for long time?
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If we talk about a nutritious meal, then we would surely recommend pork to you. Pork has a variety of essential nutritional elements in it. So, if you are suffering from any kind of dietary imbalance, eating pork might help. Let’s talk about steps to freeze pork pie for a sufficiently long time.

Now, one thing you should remember when freezing pork pie is that, if you have a store-bought packet of it, then read the instructions before freezing. Some packets will have a clear warning that will say not to freeze the pie. It can be because sometimes manufacturers tend to freeze pie before selling.

Thus, if you refreeze your pie it will lose its original taste and texture. Therefore, the tips we are giving for freezing pork pie are for the ones you would make at home. So, start preparing your pork pie according to your original recipe. Then, allow it to cool off completely.

Freezing hot pie would only hamper its quality thus cooling it down completely. Once, the pie is cool, you can start wrapping individual pie pieces in parchment paper. Wrapping is the ultimate strategy while freezing pork pie.

Thus, wrap your pie securely in two layers of parchment paper. It prevents any entrapment of air molecules within the pie. The last layer of wrapping, i.e., the third layer should be foil. Once you have done the wrapping part, you can bag them up.

Also, you must take a clean airtight bag or container to freeze the meat. Label the bag or the container and seal it tightly, then shift it to the freezer for final freezing.

Is it safe to Freeze Pork Pies?

There are biased opinions on this question currently. Some believe that freezing pork pie would deteriorate its quality while others highly recommend doing so. The answer lies in one simple question- is your pork pie homemade or store-bought?

You can freeze homemade pork pie effectively for four to five months without losing its flavor. However, that’s not the case with store-bought pre-frozen pies. Thus, when you are purchasing one from the store, you must check the instructions on the packaging.

Unnecessary freezing further harms the texture and flavor of the pie and makes it unfit for eating.

How to Freeze Mowbray Pork Pies or Melton Mowbray Pork?

Yes, you can freeze your favorite melton Mowbray pork and Mowbray pork pies. Other pork pies that freeze well are Gala pie and Morrison pie. Once the pie is cooked, you can cool it at room temperature.

Then, wrap it in three layers as mentioned above, and shift it into airtight bags. Add labels to these bags and freeze them. Pies from these brands freeze well, however, if you are getting one from other brands then check their instructions before freezing.

How to Defrost Pork Pies?

How to defrost and thaw pork pies?
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One thing you will notice is that defrosting pork pies is actually easy. The best way to eat traditional pork pie is to eat it at room temperature. Therefore, to defrost a pork pie you must follow these steps.

First, remove the pork from the freezer and discard the airtight bag. Now, do not remove the foil and parchment paper from the pie. Instead, keep these wrapped pies as a whole in another plate or bowl. Shift this plate into your fridge and allow the pies to thaw for 24 hours at least.

After 24 hours, you can remove the plate from the fridge and remove the foil from the pie. Allow your pork to get back to room temperature and serve. However, you can have it immediately after thawing as well.

Is it Okay to Refreeze Pork Pies?

Don’t try to refreeze pork pies at all. It is because after you defrost pork pies, you must eat them immediately. Or else, if you leave it as such in a container or for later consumption then, the inner crust and meat will lose their flavor.

Pork meat or pies are a food that you must eat immediately after thawing it. If they lose their flavor after defrosting, it’s probably because of many hours of exposure to room temperature. Therefore, if you don’t want to waste your food then remember that frozen pork pies should be slowly thawed in the fridge and don’t refreeze them.

How long should you be Freezing Pork Pies?

Now, that you know the steps to freeze and defrost your meat, you might be wondering if pork pies can stay fresh in the freezer. If frozen properly, a pork pie will be fine for six months straight in the freezer without any drastic change in flavor.

If you are intrigued about whether or not pork pies can retain their flavor in the freezer, then don’t be bothered. They do retain their flavor and texture effectively and can last for four to five months in the freezer.

Whenever you wish to use your meat you can use them between four and five months and it does taste perfect as usual. Now you know that you can freeze pork pies for sufficiently lengthy intervals and they will taste equally well.

Suggestions to Freeze Pork Pies

Suggestions to freeze pork pies
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Still, got a question on whether can you freeze pork efficaciously for longer periods. Well, these final tricks will aid you in the process!

  1. First thing you must remember is that, frozen correctly pork pies freeze well for five to six months. In the meantime, you must try to avoid opening and closing the sealed container. They do lose their texture on the rapid change of temperature.
  2. If you don’t know how to wrap pork pies then it’s okay. You can simply cut small sheets of parchment paper and roll your pork pies into them. But, be sure that they are wrapped perfectly well in the paper and the foil.
  3. Add clear labels to the bags before you shift them to the freezer for final freezing.

Pork pies are a tasty food staple for many occasions. They are good for gaining muscle weight and soothing your appetite. Follow the above suggestions accordingly to get the best results while freezing pork pies.

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