Can You Freeze Coconut Milk? Tips to Freeze Coconut Milk

Can You Freeze Coconut Milk? Tips to Freeze Coconut Milk

Can you freeze coconut milk?
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Coconut milk is the ultimate source of milk for all the lactose-intolerants globally. Also, this is a perfect vegan source of milk as well. Let’s talk about ways to freeze coconut milk effectively to use it in the longer run.

Coconut milk is plant-based milk with the less amount of calories in it. Thus, it makes the best substitute for whole-fat milk in smoothies and other protein recipes. Drinking coconut milk will help you in the long run by improving your skin and hair conditions.

Coconut milk is usually sold in three variations in the market. You can get coconut milk cream, skimmed milk, or regular coconut milk. If you are wondering whether coconut milk and water are the same, then they are not. They have different methods of preparation and proven benefits.

For an extra creamy texture, you would want to buy coconut milk cream and for a low-fat option, skimmed milk would suffice. Coconut milk has abundant amounts of vitamins in it and has a good protein percentage as well.

How Should You Freeze Coconut Milk?

How to freeze coconut milk?
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So, you wish to know how to freeze coconut milk? Well, we have two simple ways that will help you freeze coconut milk quickly. But, we would not recommend freezing coconut milk, if possible. However, if you have a large amount of it then freezing is your best bet. Follow these two methods to freeze coconut milk.

Freeze Wholly in a Separate Container

If you are thinking of freezing coconut milk in its cardboard carton, then drop your plan right away. It is because the cardboard carton will go bad in the freezer when you thaw the coconut milk. Thus, you must portion out your coconut milk in different containers.

Make sure the containers are airtight so that no trace of air or other pungent aromas can penetrate within. Pour milk into these clean airtight containers and seal them tight. Now shift these containers directly into the freezer and freeze them. You can add labels to these containers for reducing any chances of confusion.

Freeze Ice Cubes of Coconut Milk

If you don’t have enough space in your freezer to stack multiple containers of coconut milk then this method might help you. As you might have already guessed, yes we are going to prepare ice cubes from coconut milk and freeze them.

Take clean ice cube trays and pour coconut milk on them. Do not fill the milk to the brim of the cube tray, leave a tiny space in every compartment. Then take clean cling films and wrap them around the ice cube tray.

This will help to prevent any microbial contamination or odor contraction from other ingredients in the freezer. You can wrap the ice cube tray twice before you drop it in the freezer. Shift the wrapped ice cube tray into the freezer and freeze coconut milk ice cubes for three to four hours.

Remove the ice cubes from the tray after four hours and shift them to freezer-safe bags. Place coconut milk cubes back into the freezer and freeze them for later use.

How to Freeze Coconut Milk Cream?

Well, you can use the two methods listed above to freeze coconut milk cream. However, we would suggest you go with the first method most of the time. It is because coconut cream is almost similar to normal dairy cream and is extremely creamy.

Thus, if you wish to best preserve the texture of coconut milk cream, it is better to freeze it whole. Even after freezing in airtight containers or small zip-lock bags, you will notice slight textural changes. But, these changes can be resolved by whisking the cream with an electric beater.

Therefore, the best way to freeze coconut milk cream is to freeze it in portion-sized containers or bags in the freezer. Now, you know how to freeze your coconut milk cream! Wondering how long can coconut milk last in the freezer? What to do with the defrosted coconut milk? How to thaw coconut milk? Does the taste change when you defrost coconut milk? Keep reading to find out.

How to Freeze Coconut Milk Recipes or Curry?

Coconut milk is extensively used in many Asian recipes, especially in Thai recipes. Though, it is true that freshly served curry dishes taste amazing. But, you can freeze your leftovers and have them across the week.

Or, if you are planning to prepare your meals for the week then you can do so by freezing your curry. First, prepare your curry as per your recipe and then allow it to cool completely. Once the meal is cooled, you can shift it to airtight containers like Tupperware boxes.

Close the lid of the container and freeze it in the freezer. That is all it takes to freeze coconut curry. Keep reading to find out how to thaw frozen coconut milk, cream, or curry.

Process of Thawing Coconut Milk: Tips to Defrost Coconut Milk

How to thaw frozen coconut milk?
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Since coconut milk is an extremely tender and delicate liquid there is a high chance that you will witness textural changes in it on freezing. Thus, if you wish to use frozen coconut milk then you must be patient while thawing it.

One thing that you will notice when you freeze coconut milk is that the fat content and the water content of the milk tend to separate. Therefore, if you are freezing coconut milk in separate containers, then take the required number of containers out of the freezer.

Then thaw them overnight in the fridge to get the best results. Similarly for ice cubes, you can remove a specific number of ice cubes from the bag and thaw them overnight in the fridge. However, if you are using coconut milk for smoothies then do not thaw the ice cubes, use them directly.

Once the coconut milk is entirely thawed in the fridge, then shift it to a bowl containing warm water. This will help to bring its texture back to normal. But, if you find its texture grainy, then you can give it a whisk and it should be back to normal.

For thawing frozen coconut milk recipes, place them in the fridge overnight. Next day warm them in a microwave for 30-second intervals till you get your best results. Can I freeze coconut milk in the freezer whole? If that’s the question you ask, well, there’s no need to freeze the whole thing. You can freeze portions of coconut milk as per your use.

Can you refreeze thawed coconut milk?

Whether or not it makes sense, you can freeze coconut milk but can’t refreeze it. Thus, do we recommend refreezing? No, it isn’t something we would recommend. Coconut milk is plant-based milk and you shouldn’t try to switch temperatures too often with it. Refreezing is a bad idea and will destroy the texture of milk.

Freezing Coconut Milk: How long should you freeze your coconut milk?

How long can you freeze coconut milk?
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Coconut milk will stay fresh in the frozen state for two to three months. If you freeze it longer than three months then the texture of the milk will get disintegrated and grainy. Moreover, the milk will go bad and you won’t be able to use it in any recipe.

Frozen coconut milk curries will stay in a good state for around 10 days in the freezer. Be sure to use frozen coconut milk or cream within two months to get the best results. The longer you freeze it, the more grainy the texture will be.

Coconut milk is an essential drink that we must savor every once in a while. It gives the perfect smoothies and culinary recipes similar to dairy milk. Follow these steps to freeze coconut milk for two to three months and try different recipes with it.

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