Can You Freeze Sauerkraut? How To Freeze Sauerkraut?

Can You Freeze Sauerkraut

Can You Freeze Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut is a classic vegetable that can be included in a variety of dishes. And for the same reason, you are also buying fresh sauerkraut from the market, isn’t it? But as you already know, the freshness of sauerkraut does not last very long in the fridge.

Can You Freeze Sauerkraut

So, what can you do to preserve the original freshness of sauerkraut for long? Can you freeze the vegetable? Yes, you can definitely freeze sauerkraut. It is a freezer-friendly vegetable that can be kept for quite some time in the freezer.

In this article, I have mentioned all the important details about freezing sauerkraut that you need to know. Check out the following sections of this article to learn more!

How To Freeze Sauerkraut?

Freezing sauerkraut is a little difficult because you need to take care of a lot of things before beginning the process. While the process of freezing is easy, looking for appropriate freezing conditions can be a task.

How To Freeze Sauerkraut

Before you begin with freezing sauerkraut make sure that the cabbage is not overly fermented. It will not be beneficial to freeze an overly fermented sauerkraut. Always go for freezing fresh sauerkraut instead of the ones that have been kept for a long time.

Check out the following steps to freeze sauerkraut at home:

  • Select fresh and slightly fermented batches of sauerkraut. If you have a lot of quantity, separate them into smaller portions.
  • Once you have portioned the sauerkraut successfully, transfer them into individual airtight containers. Select the containers based on the portion size.
  • Firmly press down the cabbage while in the container to remove all the air bubbles. This will further prevent freezer burns.
  • Next, tightly seal the lids. Make sure the closing is tight enough to keep away air and moisture. You can also wrap the containers with cling film if you want to.
  • Once, you have done all of these, label and date the containers of sauerkraut and stack them in the freezer. Your sauerkraut is ready to freeze.

Does Sauerkraut Freeze Well?

Yes, sauerkraut freezes reasonably well, when stored under proper freezing conditions. You will also not notice many texture alterations. However, it might appear that when you thaw sauerkraut, you could notice a slight change in the sour flavor. But it freezes well.

How Long Can You Freeze Sauerkraut?

Raw sauerkraut stays fresh in the freezer for a maximum of 15 days. You know that you will not be able to store it any further as the freshness will start losing. Freezing on the other hand, rapidly increases the shelf life of raw sauerkraut to 6 months.

How Long Can You Freeze Sauerkraut

While you can keep the sauerkraut frozen for more than 6 months, it might develop ice crystals which may lead to freezer burns. Therefore, it is suggested that you consume your frozen sauerkraut within the first 6 months for best results.

How To Defrost Sauerkraut?

Defrosting sauerkraut  is an easy task. All you have to do is remove the frozen packages of sauerkraut from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator overnight for defrosting. This will allow a gradual temperature change for the sauerkraut to defrost nicely.

How To Defrost Sauerkraut

You should never defrost frozen sauerkraut directly at room temperature or in the microwave. This will instantly degrade the raw sauerkraut, thus making it unfit for consumption. You must let the sauerkraut defrost adequately in the fridge before cooking them.

Can You Refreeze Sauerkraut?

Yes, you can refreeze sauerkraut easily. Repeated freezing is not an issue in this case. However, you might notice flavor alterations upon refreezing because of repeated temperature changes, which might not affect your meals.

Can You Refreeze Sauerkraut

On the other hand, it is suggested that you refreeze your sauerkraut only once and avoid further freezing. This is because if you keep on refreezing the food unnecessarily, it will eventually lose flavor. You can keep sauerkraut in the refrigerator for some time to avoid repeated freezing.

Can You Freeze Cooked Sauerkraut?

Yes, you can also freeze cooked sauerkraut. While the freezing results might not be the same as raw sauerkraut because the flavor might alter a little, it still freezes well. If you want to get the maximum benefits out of freezing sauerkraut, freeze them raw.

Can You Freeze Cooked Sauerkraut

Can You Store Sauerkraut In A Jar And Freeze It?

Yes, you can store sauerkraut in a jar and freeze it. Just make sure that you leave about an inch headspace in each jar and do not fill it to the brim to avoid mess. The headspace will also allow space for expansion upon freezing.

Summing it up, that was all about freezing sauerkraut at home. So, the next time you are unsure about whether you should store the sauerkraut in the fridge or not, freeze them to keep the freshness intact for a longer period.

Can You Freeze Sauerkraut

Can You Freeze Pepperoni? Does It Freeze Well?

Can You Freeze Pepperoni?

Talking about pepperoni, what comes to your mind? It is mostly pizza or spaghetti, right? I mean it has to be! Pepperoni has been largely associated with toppings in pizzas and spaghetti and no one of us can resist a pepperoni slice on them!

Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Pepperoni is best for homemade pizzas, however, I know that you can never use the whole pepperoni in one go. You can keep it in the refrigerator for a few days, but what after that? In that case, have you thought of a better way to store the pepperoni for all your future needs?

Can you freeze pepperoni? Yes, you can freeze pepperoni at home safely. It is an easy process and will ensure you have pepperoni for all your future homemade pizza cravings. Check out the following parts of this article to learn more about freezing pepperoni!

How Can You Freeze Pepperoni?

Pepperoni is mostly store-bought, isn’t it? I know it is a hassle to make pepperoni at home. However, if you are buying them, you probably would not finish the food in one go, and while it may not be easy to make pepperoni at home, it is easy to freeze it.

How Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Check out the following steps to effectively freeze pepperoni at home:

  • You can freeze a whole, sliced, halved, or diced pepperoni. All of them will freeze equally well. I would suggest freezing it as a whole so that you do not have the pre-determine its usage. You can then use the frozen pepperoni later in any way.
  • Once, you have decided which way you would like to freeze the pepperoni, you must wrap the pepperoni next. It is necessary to at least double-wrap the pepperoni. You can also use several layers of cling film for better protection.
  • Next, transfer the wrapped pepperoni into freezer-friendly ziplock bags. Make sure you use good quality ziplock bags for a longer freezer shelf-life and to protect the pepperoni from freezer burns.
  • Once, you can adequately packed the pepperoni, label and date the bags and stack them into the freezer. And this way your pepperoni will be all set to freeze for all your future supplies of the ingredient.

Note: this freezing method was for uncooked and raw pepperoni. You can also freeze cooked pepperoni, but the process will largely depend on the recipe. One thing that will be common is you will have to allow the dish to cool completely.

Does Pepperoni Freeze Well?

Yes, pepperoni is quite freezer-friendly. One of the possible reasons could be that it is made of meat, and meat has extreme freezing capabilities, therefore, pepperoni is a good freezer food. If you wrap your pepperoni adequately before freezing, it will stay good for a long time.

Does Pepperoni Freeze Well

However, for a dish to be freezer-friendly, it must not undergo any freezer burns. You can save the pepperoni from freezer burns, by double-wrapping it with cling film before packing it in ziplock bags.

How Long Can You Freeze Pepperoni?

Pepperoni can be kept nicely in the refrigerator for about a week. Post that it will start degrading in quality. Therefore, freezing is the best to extend its shelf life. You can freeze the pepperoni for about 3-4 months in the freezer.

The frozen pepperoni will stay fresh when you have wrapped it sufficiently before freezing. If you are buying extra quantities of pepperoni, it is suggested to freeze the remaining straight away, without keeping it in the refrigerator.

How Do You Defrost Pepperoni?

Pepperoni needs time to defrost to reach its actual texture, otherwise, you will not be able to cook it further. Therefore, you will have to remove the frozen pepperoni and place it in the freezer overnight or at least for 8 hours to let it defrost completely.

How Do You Defrost Pepperoni

However, in some cases, if you are using it as a topping (especially in pizzas), you can directly use the pepperoni from the freezer. Also, never defrost the pepperoni in the microwave, let it come to normal temperature naturally.

Can You Refreeze Pepperoni?

Yes, it is possible to refreeze pepperoni if it has not been cooked already. However, I would still advise you to avoid doing so, because, in the refreezing process, the pepperoni might lose its flavor and texture.

Can You Refreeze Pepperoni

Also, make sure that you have not left your pepperoni at normal room temperature for a long time, This would cause bacteria to act upon the food and eventually degrade the food quality. If not in use, you can store the pepperoni in the refrigerator for quite some time.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni Pizza?

Yes, pepperoni pizza can be frozen. Not only this, all types of pizza with pepperoni as one of its ingredients can be frozen perfectly in the freezer. You just have to ensure to wrap each pizza slice adequately with cling film before locking them in ziplock bags and you will be all set to freeze them.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni Pizza

Additionally, you can also freeze a whole pizza with pepperoni, but I would recommend freezing it in slices. It will not only take up less storage space but also make the process of defrosting easier. You can use the required amount of pizza slices at a time.

Can You Freeze Pepperoni Sticks?

Yes, you can also freeze pepperoni sticks, just like you would be freezing a normal pepperoni slice or a whole pepperoni. It is just a different form of pepperoni, the freezing process will be the same as mentioned in the previous part of this article.

Summing it up, that was all about freezing pepperoni. I hope it had everything you were looking for before you would freeze some pepperoni on your own!

Can You Freeze Pepperoni

Best Canning Kits For Beginners! And Other Canning Supplies!

What Canning Method Is Best For A Beginner?

As a beginner, you should start with a water bath canner, and avoid a pressure canner. This is because a water bath canner functions faster is easier to use, and is less complicated. On the other hand, using a pressure canner is complex.

What Canning Method Is Best For A Beginner

Also, a water bath canner is the most commonly used, therefore start with this method of food canning. This canner is highly suitable for high-acid foods such as fruits, sauces, tomatoes, pickles, and more.

What Is The Best Canning Kit That You Should Start With?

The best canning kit for a beginner is a water bath canning kit. This will include equipment such as a canner, canning racks, jars, lids, and more. A canning kit essentially contains a set of all the required tools for canning. It might also contain paper towels or tissues.

Canning Supplies

Choosing the right canning supplies for all your canning needs is crucial. Invest in good equipment, so that you do not regret it later. Here, I have mentioned a list of a few very basic canning supplies that you must have to begin with. Check them out below.

What Is The Best Canning Kit That You Should Start With


Canners are available in two types: water-bath canner and pressure canner. As mentioned earlier, as a beginner it is a good idea to invest in a water-bath canner. You will find canners of different sizes, choose one that suits your needs.

A canner usually comes with a lid and a canning rack, therefore you will not need to worry about it. A water canner is suitable for high-acid foods like fruits and vegetables, while on the other hand, a pressure canner is suitable for low-acid food items like meat.

Canning Jars

Canning jars are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common types are pint jars, quart jars, and mason jars. These jars are further categorized into wide-mouth jars or regular-mouth jars.

You can use the regular mouth pint jars for all your home canning needs. They are even mostly used because you can almost store anything in them. Also, they are the best for canning pureed food, sauces, or pickles. They are also easier to clean.

Canning Jars

Canning Lids And Bands

Canning lids are made up of thin metal with a rubber seal that can adequately fit over the jars, and bands are ring-shaped tools that secure the sealing. Every canning jar comes with specific canning lids and bands.

However, you will also find only canning lids and bands in the market. This is because you cannot reuse a lid even if you can reuse the jar. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in several lids and bands at a time.

Jar Lifter

A jar lifter, as the name suggests is used to lift the hot canning jars from the boiling water in the canner. You will definitely need a jar lifter because you cannot directly remove a hot jar with bare hands. So, invest in a good one.

Jar Lifter

Food Strainer

A food strainer might not be an essential canning supply, but having one will save you a lot of time in the canning process. This is because a food strainer can be effectively used to remove skin or seeds from fruits and vegetables quickly.

Wide Mouth Funnel

A wide-mouth funnel is very helpful while canning as it allows easy filling of the jars without bothering about the mess, especially pureed food items. Therefore, it can be considered a must-have tool for canning.

You can use a simple plastic funnel for the purpose. It does not matter which funnel you are using the purpose is to make the job easier and avoid mess. Therefore, investing in a funnel is a good idea.

Wide Mouth Funnel


While it might seem a small tool for canning, it is in fact one of the most important ones. You will always need a knife to prepare your fruits or vegetables for canning. A good-quality knife makes the process of chopping easier.

Therefore, you should invest in a good knife. There are a variety of knives available that can be used for different cutting purposes. You can choose to go for some of them per your chopping and slicing requirements.

Best Canning Kits For Beginners

What To Freeze Dry? Is It A Good Idea To Freeze Dry?

What To Freeze Dry

What Is Freeze-Drying?

Freeze-drying is a method of dehydration to keep perishable food items for a long time. It is one of the food preservation techniques that focuses on the sublimation of water content in a food. This method is also known as lyophilization.

Freeze-drying directly converts the water content in a portion of food from a solid to the gaseous state, without converting it into the liquid state. You will find a large variety of freeze-dried food items in any store. From fruits to ready-to-eat meals, all are freeze-dried.

What Is Freeze-Drying

There are a few specific reasons why freeze-drying is regarded as the most effective dehydration process. Check them out in the following points:

  • It can be done at low temperatures. This helps to maintain the nutritional content and flavor of a food.
  • Freeze-drying is suitable for food products with high-sensitive ingredients, that would otherwise get ruined in other food preservation techniques.
  • It stops the microbial and chemical reactions thus extending the shelf life of the dehydrated food items.

How Does Freeze-Drying Work?

Raw food contains about 85-95% water. In this process, the food is first frozen to remove this moisture. The process freezes the water, which remains frozen all the time. This step is different from vacuum drying, so be careful while doing this at home.

How Does Freeze-Drying Work

The freeze-drying process can be categorized into the following two points:

  • Primary drying is the first step that eliminates a majority of the water content from the food.
  • Next comes secondary drying, where the remaining water is dried.

NOTE: Since freeze-drying is a critical method, it should only be used under specific conditions and limitations. This should be done to keep the water from melting.

What To Freeze Dry?

Most freeze-dried items are plant-based foods, but a variety of foods can be preserved with this technique. Check out the following list of foods that you can freeze dry:

  • All kinds of fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Dairy-based products
  • Plant-based products
  • Herbs and spices
  • Eggs
  • Easy meal prepping
  • Sweeteners such as maple syrup
  • Instant drinks

What To Freeze Dry

Is It A Good Idea To Freeze Dry?

Yes, it is a good idea to freeze dry. This is because freeze-dried foods are healthy meal options that have their nutritional value intact. Additionally, this process also preserves the color, texture, and flavor of the food. And for these benefits, freeze-drying is widely used to create high-quality food products.

This method is also a major part of the pharmaceutical industry as it keeps the products safe for a long time. This is the most effective technique to maintain antioxidants, including ascorbic acid or vitamin C, flavonoids, and anthocyanins.

Is It A Good Idea To Freeze Dry

However, the content of phytochemicals in fruits could at times increase or decrease as a result of freeze-drying. But this will greatly vary according to the type of fruit. Therefore, be careful while you freeze-dry at home.

What Are The Possible Downsides Of Freeze-Drying?

While freeze-drying has a lot of benefits, here are some downsides that you need to be careful of while freeze-drying at home. Check them out below:

  • Reducing the water content can possibly reduce microbial growth in food items, but some microbes can still survive the drying process. Therefore, be careful.
  • Freeze-dried foods have an increased porosity level, which means they might be accessible to oxygen, thus boosting oxidation.
  • Freeze-drying does not completely kill the bacteria, therefore, it is better if you cook the food before consumption to avoid food-borne illness.

What Are The Possible Downsides Of Freeze-Drying

Summing it up, that was all about freeze-drying foods and what to freeze dry. Now, you know all the possible outcomes of freeze-drying. So, the next time you are dealing with freeze-dried foods, you know what to do.

What To Freeze Dry

How Long Does Leftover Meat Last? How Can You Store Meat For Later?

How Long Does Leftover Meat Last

How Long Does Leftover Meat Last?

Occasions, get-togethers, parties, and all such gatherings mean you will be having leftover meat, right? Or maybe, sometimes you cook extra meat, and you do not finish the whole batch in one go. Refrigerating the leftover meat is the best option.

Keeping the meat in the refrigerator is the best way to store the meat for another 3-4 days. You cannot keep the meat at room temperature, so the fridge is the best and the quickest way to store the meat. Keep the food tightly sealed in an airtight container for the best results.

How Long Does Leftover Meat Last

However, when you are refrigerating leftover meat, make sure that it has not been left unattended at room temperature for a long time. This will cause bacterial build-up and the food will eventually spoil, even if you refrigerate it.

You can also keep uncooked leftover meat in the refrigerator for 1-2 days before cooking it. The meat will stay good and can be used in many recipes. Just ensure that the uncooked meat is wrapped adequately.

What Happens To The Meat After That?

While storing the meat in the refrigerator is a good idea, you can only keep the meat for about 3-4 days there. What happens to the meat after that? Well, the meat eventually starts to degrade. The texture and the quality of the meat will alter.

What Happens To The Meat After That

The refrigerator can store the meat for a short time. And it soon starts to degrade. The meat will develop a smell and become dry if refrigerated for a long time. It will eventually be unfit for consumption.

How Can You Store The Meat For Later?

Freezing is the best way to store the meat for later. It does not matter whether the meat is cooked or uncooked, freezing is ideal for both of them. Freezing can increase their shelf life to another 4-6 months. What could be better than this, isn’t it?

How Can You Store The Meat For Later

You might not want to eat the meat within 3-4 days of refrigerating it, or maybe you could not finish it. Therefore, storing the meat for longer is a fantastic idea. It is suggested that you freeze your meat correctly to avoid freezer burns.

Tips to store meat in the freezer:

  • Wrap your meat in several layers of cling film, before freezing it. This will keep out all the air and protect the texture of the meat.
  • If you have large quantities of meat, store them in smaller batches. This will prevent food spoilage and help while defrosting.
  • If your cooked chicken recipe demands adding garnishings, do not add them before freezing. Add them later when you reheat the dish.

Is It Safe To Freeze Meat?

Yes, it is completely safe to freeze meat. Freezing has always been an effective way to preserve meat easily at home. However, you need to make sure that the meat you are freezing has undergone the right steps, otherwise it might spoil.

Is It Safe To Freeze Meat

Also, remember that you can not freeze cooked meat that is still warm. Freezing warm meat increases the chances of freezer burns and causes the meat to spoil. Lastly, it is advised that you consume your frozen meat as early as possible for the best results.

Can You Refreeze Meat?

Yes, it is possible to refreeze meat, but I would not suggest you do so. This is because freezing the meat repeatedly will eventually make it dry and also alter the texture. However, you can safely refreeze uncooked meat without the fear of spoilage. But avoid refreezing cooked meat.

Can You Refreeze Meat

For refreezing the uncooked meat, rewrap the meat again in a fresh cling film, and store it accordingly. Also, make sure that the meat has not been exposed to air, otherwise, there is no point in refreezing it.

How Long Does Leftover Meat Last

How Long Can Cooked Lamb Stay In The Fridge? What Happens After That?

How Long Can Cooked Lamb Stay In The Fridge

How Long Can Cooked Lamb Stay In The Fridge?

The lamb that has been served on the table can never be resisted, right? However, we cannot have a lot of cooked meat at a time. The cooked lamb needs to be stored for later use. The leftovers of lamb can be kept in the refrigerator if you wish to consume it within a few days.

How Long Can Cooked Lamb Stay In The Fridge

Cooked lamb can stay in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. This depends on the recipe and ingredients you are using to prepare your lamb. Transfer the leftover lamb to an airtight container and place it in the refrigerator.

What Happens To The Lamb After 7 Days In The Fridge?

If you keep your cooked lamb for more than 7 days in the refrigerator, it is very likely to get spoiled. Spoiled because the meat will not be able to maintain its texture and flavor anymore. It might also happen that it develops an odd smell.

What Happens To The Lamb After 7 Days In The Fridge

Keeping the cooked lamb after 7 days is therefore not suggested because the flavor will be lost by then. It would be best to consume the refrigerated lamb within the first 5 days to retain its texture and flavor. Also, keep it adequately sealed in the fridge.

What Can You Do To Store The Cooked Lamb Further?

You know that cooked lamb can stay in the fridge for a maximum of seven days. If you are not consuming the meat within those few days, it will eventually spoil. You must have thought of ways if you could store the meat for longer, right? Have you thought of freezing cooked lamb?

What Can You Do To Store The Cooked Lamb Further

Is it possible to freeze cooked lamb? Yes, it is possible to freeze cooked lamb. This will save food waste in addition to preserving the meat for a longer period. But if you plan to freeze the meat initially, it is best to do it during the first two days after cooking it.

Now, when you hear about freezing the cooked lamb, I understand that you might have a lot of questions. I have the answers, therefore do not worry. Check out the following sections of this article for more details.

How Can You Freeze Cooked Lamb?

Freezing cooked lamb is an amazing idea. If you are wondering how to preserve the perfectly cooked lamb’s flavor and textures in the freezer for subsequent usage, I will tell you what to do. Here are some steps you need to take to successfully extend the shelf life of your food.

How Can You Freeze Cooked Lamb

Check out the following steps to freeze cooked lamb at home:

  • Before freezing your lamb, you must wait for the recipe to cool to room temperature. Place the dish in a separate area and leave it alone until it cools fully.
  • Once the lamb has cooled down enough, cover it with enough aluminum foil. Ensure that the wrapping is intact and free of cracks or holes. You can wrap the meat more than once.
  • Next, transfer the wrapped meat pieces into an airtight container. You can also use freezer bags to seal the wrapped lamb.
  • Seal the packaging properly and label them with the date and name. Once all these are done, stack the lamb packages in the freezer. And the cooked lamb is all set to freeze.

Note: Wrap the meat adequately in aluminum foil before sealing them in containers. This will protect the meat from unnecessary freezer burns.

How Long Can You Freeze Cooked Lamb?

Cooked lamb can be frozen for about 2 months in the freezer. Well, that is a quite long time when compared to its refrigerating time, isn’t it? The only thing that you need to keep in mind to maintain such a long freezer time is to seal the meat adequately.

How Long Can You Freeze Cooked Lamb

Lamb is generally frozen in large pieces when compared to other varieties of meat. While you can cut the meat into smaller portions before freezing, they still have slightly different freezing properties than other meat. So, follow specific instructions in freezing lamb for better results.

How To Defrost Cooked Lamb?

Defrosting is an easy yet crucial process. Crucial because the cooked lamb needs to be handled carefully, otherwise, it might spoil in the process. To defrost the lamb, remove the frozen packages from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator overnight.

The lamb needs to be thawed properly before you reheat it. Also, remember that you should never defrost frozen lamb at room temperature. Doing this will only degrade the quality of your meat and hence make it unfit for consumption.

How Long Can Cooked Lamb Stay In The Fridge

How To Water Bath Dill Pickles? Do You Have To Water Bath Pickles?

How To Water Bath Dill Pickles?

Canning dill pickles is straightforward. Yes, it is an easy task and can be done in no time. Anyone can water bath dill pickles at home. All you have to do is follow the step-wise technique and you will successfully water bath pickles.

How To Water Bath Dill Pickles

Check out the following steps to water bath dill pickles at home:

  • Prepare your favorite recipe of dill pickles at home and keep it aside to cool completely. Remember the recipe must cool down completely before you can it.
  • Fill a water bath canner with enough water and bring it to a boil. Make sure the canner has enough water to completely submerge the cans while processing.
  • In the meantime, fill the jars with dill pickles and seal all of them adequately. You can use canning bands to secure the sealing.
  • Once the water comes to a boiling temperature, carefully place the sealed jars in the water, and make sure they are completely submerged in the water.
  • Set the timer to about 10-15 minutes and let the canning jars process in the boiling water on a medium to low flame.
  • Once it is done, use a jar lifter to remove each can from the water bath canner. Place the processed jars on a paper towel to soak all the extra moisture.
  • Let the jars sit for at least 24 hours before you check the sealing. Once you are sure that the sealing is sufficient, you can store the canned dill pickles in your kitchen cabinet.

Tips To Preserve Dill Pickles!

Now that you know how to water bath dill pickles, here are a few tips to preserve them that will ensure the best results. You do not want your pickles to go bad, right? These tips will prove to be beneficial for you.

Tips To Preserve Dill Pickles

Check out the following tips for storing dill pickles at home:

  • Use small quart or pint jars to store your dill pickles. This way you will not have a lot of pickles in one place, and it will be easier for you to use them. Storing in smaller quantities is always a good idea.
  • Store the canned jars in a cool and dry place that is away from heat and light. This will protect the jars from spoiling. Extreme heat or temperatures will cause the food to spoil, therefore store it in a nice place.
  • If you have opened a jar of dill pickles and are unsure if you could finish it before or if it might get spoiled, store the opened ones in the refrigerator. The refrigerator will be safe to preserve the opened jars of dill pickles for some time.

Do You Have To Water Bath Pickles?

Pickles are meant to be water bath canned to preserve them. You cannot process pickles in a pressure canner as it will not survive the constant high temperature of a pressure canner. Different food items need different canning processes, and thus pickles are best suited for the water bath canner.

Do You Have To Water Bath Pickles

So, yes you will always have to water bath pickles if you want a prolonged shelf life of more than 18 months. Canning is always a good idea to preserve the pickles for a long time, while that might not be the case if you just simply store pickles.

Can You Water Bath Store-Bought Pickles?

Store-bought pickles do not necessarily need to be water-bathed. This is because they already come with an expiry date and people generally consume them within the expiry date. Additionally, they already have sealing and storage instructions, so canning them is useless.

Can You Water Bath Store-Bought Pickles

The water bath is a process of food preservation for a long time. And the case with store-bought pickles is different. Because they are prepared differently, therefore they need to be stored differently. Hence, you cannot water bath commercially manufactured pickles.

How To Water Bath Dill Pickles

What Can Be Water Bath Canned? The Correct Way To Water Bath Canning!

What Can Be Water Bath Canned?

Foods that are high-acidic in nature can be preserved through a water bath canner. For example, fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, and tomatoes can be water-bath canned. Low-acid foods such as meat, are unsuitable for a water bath canner. They can be preserved in a pressure canner.

What Can Be Water Bath Canned

Using a water bath canner at home is probably the easiest method to can food effectively. And, it is a beginner-friendly method, so if you are new to canning, start with high-acid foods, especially fruits, and can them at home in a water bath canner.

15 Foods That You Can Preserve In A Water Bath Canner

You might think as a beginner it is difficult to figure out which foods can be canned in a water bath canner, and on the contrary which foods can be canned in a pressure canner. Do not worry, I have a list of 15 food items that can be canned in a water bath canner to ease the process.

15 Foods That You Can Preserve In A Water Bath Canner

Check out the list of following food items:

  • Whole, sliced, or juiced peaches
  • Slices, half, or jams of pears
  • Handmade apple sauce
  • Pickles with apple butter and other pickled goods
  • Radishes
  • Zucchini
  • Legumes
  • All varieties of berries
  • Sauce made with tomatoes
  • Pie Fillings
  • Fruit Preservation
  • Jellies and jams
  • Pickles
  • Salsa

What Is The Method Of Water Bath Canning?

Canning food using the method of water bath canning is quite easy. All you need to begin with is a water bath canner to continue with the process at home.

What Is The Method Of Water Bath Canning

Check out the following steps to learn about the method:

  • Pour water into the water bath canner. You can use any large pan from the kitchen if you do not have a water bath canner.
  • After that, place a canning rack inside, and put the canner on the burner. Allow the water to boil after turning on the flame.
  •  With the use of tongs, carefully place the canned jars in the boiling water. Make sure the cans must be fully submerged in water.
  • Generally, a water bath canner takes thirty to sixty minutes. Here, the timing of the processing will depend on the food item you are canning.
  • Process the cans over medium to low heat in the water. When it is finished, turn off the flame and take the jars out of the water gently.
  • Keep the jars aside in a cool and dry place. Check the sealing, and your food is prepared for storage.

Is It Safe To Use A Water Bath Canner To Preserve Food?

Yes, using a water bath canner at home is completely safe to preserve your food. As long as the food jars seal sufficiently, and the jars are processed correctly in the canner, you know that the food will be safe for consumption in the long run.

Is It Safe To Use A Water Bath Canner To Preserve Food

Do not fret too much about the procedure of canning in a water bath canner, as food that has been canned in hot water can be kept fresh for a very long period. As a result, the food will be safe for consumption. Just make sure the sealing is tight to keep away air.

Equipment For Water Bath Canning

Even if you can simply water bath can with items that are easily found in the kitchen, there are a few specialized ones that you will still require. Food will deteriorate if canning is not done correctly.

Equipment For Water Bath Canning

Check out the following list of equipment for water bath canning:

  • A water bath canner or a large pan to fit all the cans
  • Canning jars and lids
  • Canning rack, ladle, and jar lifter
  • Paper towels

These are a few of the essential tools you will need to can food. You now know what to do the next time you want to water bath can fruits or any other food item.

Water Bath Canner Vs A Pressure Canner

There is much difference between a water bath canner and a pressure canner.

The basic point of difference is in their usage. A pressure canner is complicated to use, so you must be very particular about the instructions. On the other hand, a water bath canner is accessible to all.

Additionally, low-acid goods like meat are best preserved in a pressure canner; high-acid foods like fruits and vegetables are best preserved in a water bath canner. These are the most important points of differentiation between the two that you should keep in mind.

What Can Be Water Bath Canned

How To Can In A Pressure Cooker? Pressure Canner Vs Pressure Cooker!

How To Can In A Pressure Cooker

How To Can In A Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker, also known as an instant pot is primarily functional to cook meals quickly. However, there can always be more than one usage of kitchen equipment. Having said that, a pressure cooker can be used to water bath food items at home.

How To Can In A Pressure Cooker

You can simply use a pressure cooker as the canning pot and start with the water bath canning process. The following are a few points that will help you understand the steps:

  • fill water in the pot and bring it to a boil
  • prepare the jars in the meantime and fill them with food
  • leave a little headspace in each jar and seal them adequately
  • once the water is hot, place the jars in the hot water
  • let them process on a medium to low heat for about 30-40 minutes
  • once the timer is off, remove the jars and set them aside to cool

Note: Here you do not necessarily need to use the lid of a pressure cooker, the boiling water will be enough to process the canning jars to preserve the food. Therefore, an instant pot cannot be used as a pressure canner.

Pressure Canner Vs Pressure Cooker!

If you are thinking that the processes of canning in a pressure cooker and canning in a pressure canner are the same, then you might be wrong. This is because both a pressure cooker and an instant pot cannot be compared with what a pressure canner does.

Pressure Canner Vs Pressure Cooker

While, you can use a pressure cooker or an instant pot as a water bath canner to can high-acid foods like jams, fruits, and jellies. It cannot be used to can low-acid foods like vegetables, and meat. For low-acid foods, a pressure canner works best.

Some pressure cookers come with instructions that they can be used for canning but they might not mention which method of canning. Remember it is not safe to use a pressure cooker for pressure canning.

How Does Pressure Canning Work?

Unlike water bath canning, the pressure canning method precisely uses a certain temperature of 240 F to process the jars. Also, the timing needs to be specific depending on the type of food you are canning. Otherwise, the food might spoil.

How Does Pressure Canning Work

It works the same as a water bath canner, but what majorly matters is the food density. For instance, liquid foods like soups can be processed far more quickly whereas solid foods like meat need more time.

As mentioned above, the heating temperature has to remain constant. This is because the constant temperature rapidly kills the spores of botulism in low-acid foods. Therefore, you need to maintain the heat to ensure that spores of botulism are eliminated sufficiently.

Why You Cannot Use A Pressure Cooker For Pressure Canning?

Now that you know, how pressure canning works, you must be clear that a pressure cooker just cannot be used for the purpose. This is primarily because a pressure cooker cannot maintain a constant temperature of 240 F. And low-acid foods if processed under 240 F will be affected by botulism.

Why You Cannot Use A Pressure Cooker For Pressure Canning

Is The Pressure Cooker Safe For Water Bath Canning?

You can use a pressure cooker for water bath canning because it consistently boils the water to process the jars. Likewise, you can literally use any large pot as a water bath canner. Therefore, we can say that a pressure cooker is safe for water bath canning, as long as the jars are complete;y submerged in the water.

Is The Pressure Cooker Safe For Water Bath Canning

It will not affect the quality of the food thus preserved and you can store the canned food for a long time. Summing it up, that was all about using a pressure cooker for canning food at home, Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of a pressure cooker, use it carefully the next time.

How To Can In A Pressure Cooker

Can I Drink 2 Atkins Shakes A Day? Things To Know!

Can I Drink 2 Atkins Shakes A Day

Can I Drink 2 Atkins Shakes A Day?

Atkins shake is majorly a composition of protein, therefore you should only take advised dosages per day. While it is possible to drink 2 Atkins shakes a day, provided that your body can burn more on the same day. Remember the amount of Atkins should not increase what your body can burn.

Can I Drink 2 Atkins Shakes A Day

On the other hand, if you think you can lose weight by only drinking Atkins, then you may be wrong. And in that case, it is strictly advised against drinking 2 Atkins shakes a day. This is because your body can not miraculously burn the protein.

Two Atkins a day is technically allowed, but you will have to look after what your body can survive. The minimum approved drink quantity per person per day is 8 ounces. So, be careful in your approach to drinking Atkins shakes. Do not consume more quantities unnecessarily.

Is More Than 2 Atkins Shakes Too Much For A Day?

Yes, if you are consuming more than 2 Atkins shakes a day, it will be too much for the body to digest. As I have mentioned earlier you should consume not more than your body can burn, and to be able to burn more than 2 Atkins is a task.

Is More Than 2 Atkins Shakes Too Much For A Day

Sometimes there might be factors that work against them. This means more than 2 Atkins shakes a day can prove to be harmful to your body. And you might not even need more than 2 shakes per day. Therefore consume only the required amounts.

Can Atkins Shake Be A Meal Replacement?

Shakes contain a specific amount of calories in them. But at the same time, they can help ensure that you are not consuming more calories than you are supposed to do so when trying to lose weight. Atkins shake work just the same.

Can Atkins Shake Be A Meal Replacement

Atkins primarily have calories between 150-200, therefore it can work as one meal replacement per day. Remember you can replace one meal of the day with an Atkins shake and not more than that. Replacing more than a meal will deprive your body of energy.

Can I Replace Atkins Shake With Atkins Bars?

Atkins shakes and Atkins bars have the same basic composition. And they work the same for the body. So, replacing one with the other can be a good idea. You can consume a maximum of 2 portions of either Atkins shake or Atkins bars a day.

Can I Replace Atkins Shake With Atkins Bars

So yes, you can replace Atkins shakes with Atkins bars and vice versa. While replacing each other is a good idea, consuming all of them on the same day is not. Therefore, remember to take the required quantities a day and don’t overdose yourself with Atkins.

Will I lose Weight On 2 Shakes And 1 Meal A Day?

Losing weight does not take place overnight, it takes both time and effort. For visible results, you will have to follow a consistent diet and exercise regularly. Having 2 Atkins shakes a day and one meal can help you lose weight if you exercise regularly.

Will I lose Weight On 2 Shakes And 1 Meal A Day

It is not mandated that only having Atkins and meals will lead to weight loss. You will have to maintain other factors such as exercising and healthy diets regularly, for it to function. So, whatever you eat or drink is a part of the process and not the whole process.

Is Atkins Good For Fat Loss?

Atkins will work just the same as other weight loss diets will do because it has a consistent amount of calories. And therefore they are suitable for the long run. As mentioned above, drinking only Atkins can not boost fat loss. You will have to follow other things as well.

Is Atkins Good For Fat Loss

Having said that, Atkins is good for fat loss as it helps boost the process. You can include Atkins shakes or Atkins bars in your weight-reduction diet successfully. But remember to eat healthy and exercise at the same time for effective results.

Is It OK to Drink 2 Atkins Shakes At Once?

Yes, it is perfectly alright to consume 2 Atkins shakes at the same time. It is safe and will not affect your body. However, remember that before drinking two Atkins at once, you should be aware of your overall protein intake. 2 Atkins might be more for you.

Remember that whatever amounts you are consuming, should fit into your diet and your nutritional needs. Eating too much protein will prove to be harmful, therefore it is crucial to maintain a certain protein intake that suits your body.

Can I Drink 2 Atkins Shakes A Day