Can You Freeze Baked Beans? Ways to Freeze Baked Beans

Can You Freeze Baked Beans?

Baked beans have found their use since the 1800s. They initially originated from the UK but have recently been highly used in the US. Willing to know how to freeze baked beans? Let me guide you through.

So, baked beans are essentially sold dipped in sauces sealed in tin cans. These beans are partially boiled and have astonishing protein value. They are the ultimate protein supplement every vegan can relish.

Essentially, you should avoid freezing baked beans and consume them once you open the can. However, if you somehow find yourselves in a situation where you need to freeze them here’s what you can do.

Ways to Freeze Baked Beans

Ways to freeze baked beans
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Freezing baked beans can be done in some simple ways. The first method implies direct freezing of the sealed can. Another method is a long process to freeze cooked baked beans. Check out the details for the two methods below:

Freezing Baked Beans Tin

This is the direct method of freezing we talked about earlier. Simply put the sealed can of store-bought baked beans into the freezer. You can place this tin for around 6 months without suffering a loss of taste or texture of the beans.

Freezing Cooked Baked Beans

So, if you have prepared some sizzling spicy meals with baked beans in extra batches, you can freeze them for later use! Yes, you heard that. If you follow these steps you can freeze a cooked meal of baked beans and use it later.

Start by cooking your baked bean meal as usual and be sure to balance the water content of the dish so that it doesn’t get extra soggy. Also, make sure you do not overcook the dish, or else it will affect the freezing pattern of the beans.

Once the dish is prepared you can allow it to cool at normal room temperature for some time. Now store the prepared meal in separate freezer boxes and do not stuff the entire meal in one box.

Freeze these boxes for around 3 hours in the refrigerator and then move them to the freezer. You can keep these meals in the freezer for two months without worrying about spoilage.

Freezing Leftover Baked Beans

Usually, this is the least happening thing, but if you have a half-filled can of baked beans, you must freeze them for later use. You must take out all the contents in the can and transfer them to an airtight box or bag. Then flash freeze them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and transfer them to the freezer.

Tips to Freeze Baked Beans

Freezing baked beans by the steps mentioned above can help you save your meal and prevent the wastage of food. Similar to other precooked meals you can cook baked beans and store them for an entire week. However, keep these tips in mind while freezing them!

Tips to freeze baked beans
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  • First of all, when you are freezing a cooked meal of baked beans you should never store the hot meal directly in the freezer. Doing so will affect the entire temperature in the freezer and affect other items in the same. Also, the freezing process will get hampered and chances of bacterial growth might increase.
  • When freezing leftover beans from any packed tin always use them within three days. Also, do not store them directly without transferring them into airtight packaging.
  • When you are freezing cooked baked beans meal you should leave sufficient space in the container for the liquids to rise. It is because when you are freezing the moist baked beans they will rise by a certain degree on freezing. Therefore, do not overstuff your meal in any box.
  • When you are willing to use your frozen meal, do not forget to thaw it overnight in the fridge. Do not directly defrost the cooked meal. You can thaw the meal by leaving it overnight outside the refrigerator as well. A little or partial heating in the microwave can also support the thawing process.

How long can you Freeze Baked Beans?

How long can you freeze baked beans?
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If sealed and stored appropriately, then baked beans can remain in the freezer for around 3 months without going bad. However, it is best if you consume them within a month. If you are keeping leftover beans in a simple bowl or container in the fridge then eat them within 3 days.

Cooked meals from baked beans can be frozen for 3 months but again, try to eat them within a month. If you are wondering whether you can refreeze baked beans then, the answer is no! Doing so will affect the texture of the beans and elevate the chances for bacterial growth.

Though the above tips work while freezing baked beans, however, sometimes they might not work. Baked beans have a liquid consistency and liquids tend to spoil after a certain duration. Therefore, it is better to refrain from freezing baked beans for longer periods.

Recipes to try with frozen baked beans

Try these three nutritious and tasty recipes with frozen baked beans!

Recipes with frozen baked beans
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Frozen Baked Bean Chili: For this recipe, you’ll need- frozen baked beans, ground beef, chicken broth, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, ground chilies, sauces as per your taste, spice and herb mix, oil, arrowroot powder, and water. Cook the sausages and beef in oil and spice mix till brown. Then drain the cooked meat mix properly. Add all the spices, herbs, chopped veggies, and defrosted baked beans to the mix. Simmer all the contents for rough 2 hours and garnish with spices and toppings of your choice.

Frozen Baked Bean Soup: This is an easy recipe that can be prepared in just 15 minutes and serves your appetite just right! Start by defrosting a cup of baked beans and then mashing them in another bowl. Transfer this mix to another pan and keep the flame on medium. Now, add chicken broth and spice mix along with some herbs. Simmer for 10 minutes and garnish with cream, sauce, or toppings of your choice.


Now at the end of the blog, you have three effective ways to freeze baked beans. Majority of people across the globe love to eat baked beans. They make the perfect breakfast for all the busy people amidst daily hustle-bustle. These tips to freeze baked beans will surely save you time and prevent any wasting of unused baked beans.

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