Can You Freeze Almond Paste? Does Freezing Effect Almond Paste?

Can You Freeze Almond Paste?

Almond paste is an important ingredient in many recipes, especially dessert recipes. The almond paste enhances the flavor and adds a creamy texture to the recipes. You must be having your preferred way to use almond paste, isn’t it?

Almond paste is a must ingredient for most home bakers because this adds a delectable taste to baking recipes. However, we all know that we barely need a couple of spoons of almond paste at a time. And it is not possible to either buy or prepare the paste in small amounts.

Can You Freeze Almond Paste

Buying almond paste from the stores is pricey and because you do not need them all at the same time, you need to store them for longer.  Also, if you are making almond paste at home, it is not always possible to make it whenever you need it. So again, looking for ways to store them?

What can you do to store the almond paste for longer? Can you freeze almond paste? Yes, you can freeze almond paste. They freeze really well and keep for a very long time in the freezer. This also saves you money if they are store-bought, and time if they are homemade. Read on to know more.

Does Almond Paste Freeze Well?

Yes, almond paste freezes excellently in the freezer, given that you follow the freezing instructions adequately. And when covered and stored properly, almond paste lasts for up to 20 months effectively. It can last even longer than that.

Does Almond Paste Freeze Well

Almond paste has great freezing properties. The paste is therefore considered extremely freezer-friendly. This also saves you money and time, be it store-bought or homemade. However, it is advised that even if you store your almond paste for a very long, use it within 20 months for the best results.

How To Freeze Almond Paste?

Freezing almond paste is relatively easy. Be it store-bought or homemade, you do not require much effort to freeze almond paste. However, if you are freezing homemade almond paste, make sure you do not let it sit for more than 3 hours at normal room temperature, otherwise, it might tend to spoil. Store-bought almond pastes are processed and therefore can be frozen anytime.

How Can You Freeze Almond Paste

Check out the quick 3-step approach for freezing almond paste effectively.

  1. If your almond paste is store-bought, the very first step would be to squeeze out the paste from the tube or can. Almond paste is usually bought in a tube or can packaging and the idea is to take out the paste from its original packaging. If the almond paste is homemade, keep it in the container.
  2. Now you have a lot of almond paste that you might not be able to use at one go. Therefore, transferring the paste portion-wise into freezer bags is best. The majority of the recipes require a spoonful of almond paste or sometimes a little more, so carefully portion the paste into proper amounts.
  3. After portioning out the almond paste, wrap the paste adequately to preserve the flavor, and transfer the wrapped packaging of almond paste into freezer-safe airtight bags. Squeeze out all the air and label and date the bags to know how long they have been in the freezer. And your almond paste is ready to freeze.

Tips For Freezing Almond Paste To Gain The Best Results

Almond paste freezes well in the freezer when stored properly. You can consider the tips mentioned here for the best results.

Tips To Freeze Almond Paste For The Best Results

  • Store-bought almond paste is okay, but it will be best if you consider making fresh almond paste at home. This is simply because homemade almond paste means fresh almond paste of your preferred taste. And store-bought ones are also pricey.
  • To preserve the flavor and texture for a longer period, it is best if you double-wrap the almond paste with cling film before transferring them into freezer bags. This will prevent air contact efficiently and therefore will not let the almond paste dry out while being frozen.
  • You can freeze almond paste for more than a year because they are freezer-friendly. However, it is advised that instead of keeping it for such a long time in the freezer, consume the almond paste as soon as possible for the best taste.

How Long Can You Freeze Almond Paste?

Now you know that almond paste is freezer-friendly and therefore you can freeze the paste for a long time. However, their freezing capability is also decided by how well you wrap the paste and seal the airtight bag by stacking them in the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze Almond Paste

Freezing increases the shelf-life of almond paste by up to 20 months. You can also keep it in the freezer for more than 20 minutes because it is less likely to spoil. But one thing that needs to be strictly followed is to wrap the almond paste adequately and avoid air contact.

Can You Store Almond Paste In The Fridge?

Yes, you can store the almond paste in the fridge. It keeps well in the fridge for some time. However, the time in the freezer depends on whether the almond paste is homemade or store-bought. This is because homemade almond paste tends to spoil sooner than store-bought ones.

Can You Store Almond Paste In The Fridge

You can store the homemade almond paste in the fridge for a maximum of 10 days. It is better to freeze them to keep the almond paste for longer. Also, if your almond paste is store-bought and you have not opened the seal yet, you can store it for up to 5 months in the fridge.

Can You Refreeze The Almond Paste?

Yes, you can refreeze almond paste. This is because almond paste has great freezing properties and will not show any flavor or texture alterations upon refreezing. However, one important thing you need to keep in mind is to properly wrap and seal your almond paste before refreezing.

Can You Refreeze Almond Paste

Pack the almond paste securely and do not let it expose to air. Checking these two factors will ensure your almond paste refreezes well. You can also keep your defrosted almond paste in the refrigerator for about 7 days.

How Can You Defrost Almond Paste?

It is quite easy and simple to defrost almond paste. All you have to do is, take out the required portions of the almond paste from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator overnight for thawing. Make sure you allow the almond paste to defrost completely.

After the almond paste has defrosted completely, let it set at room temperature for about half an hour before using it in recipes. But do not let the almond paste be at room temperature for a long time, because it might get acted upon by bacteria, and will further ruin the paste.

How Can You Defrost Almond Paste

How Can You Soften Almond Paste?

Defrosting and softening almond paste might seem similar, but they work differently. While defrosting means bringing the almond paste to its normal texture for further cooking, softening means preparing the paste as an ingredient in cooking.

You can either soften the almond paste in a microwave or a double boiler. It is quite easy. All you need to do is put the required amounts in a microwave-safe bowl and set in for 10-15 seconds. And then whisk the paste until it becomes smooth.

Summing it up, that was all about freezing almond paste. Now you know that almond paste is very freezer-friendly and keeps in the freezer for a long time. It also refreezes well. So the next time, you have a lot of almond paste, you know how to keep it longer!

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