How To Freeze Dry Candy? 2 Ways To Freeze Dry Candy!

How To Freeze Dry Candy?

We all know that freezing food items reduces bacterial growth and other possibilities that could otherwise spoil the food. Having said that, dry candy can also be frozen for later use. There are two effective ways to store dry candy at home. Check them out below.

How To Freeze Dry Candy

Note: Dry candy can be stored for a long time at normal room temperature. This is because they do not contain moisture, and hence there is a bare minimum chance of food spoilage.

Freezing Dry Candy Using Dry Ice

Dry ice can be used to store your dry candy for later use. However, use this method only if you have a small cooler. Candies do not take up much space, so a small cooler will be enough to store dry candy.

Freezing Dry Candy Using Dry Ice

Check out the following steps to preserve dry candy using dry ice:

  • Fill your dry candy into the freezer-safe bags. Do not fill the bags completely leave a little space for better freezing. Do not use containers here, as freezer bags will be enough.
  • Transfer the candy-filled bags into the cooler. You can place them in any manner. Just make sure you have enough space to cover the sides with dry ice.
  • Put dry ice into the cooler. The amount of dry ice should be equal to the amount of candies, so fill them accordingly.
  • Move the cooler into the freezer without locking its lid. This is because solid dry ice bursts into gas when kept enclosed in the freezer and can even explode.
  • Let the candies freeze for 2 days inside the freezer. Make sure your freezer has sufficient space to fit in the cooler, otherwise, this method will not work.
  • This will turn the dry candies into freezer-dried candies, which means the candies can now be stored at normal room temperature.
  • Transfer the freezer-dried candies into high-quality ziplock bags that can keep out all the air. Store them at a cool and dry place, and your dry candy can be stored for a long period.

Freezing Dry Candy In The Freezer

The freezer is always the best place to preserve food items for later use, Likely, dry candy can also be stored in the freezer for the future. You already know one method to store your dry candies for later use. Let us look at the other one here.

Check out the following steps to freeze your dry candies at home:

  • Take a tray and evenly line it with baking paper. Spread the dry candies on the sheet and ensure they do not touch each other.
  • Place the tray in the freezer for flash-freezing the candies. If they touch each other, the candies will form lumps, so place them accordingly.
  • Flash-freezing will take about 8-10 hours. Next, transfer the candies into freezer-safe bags and store them for 3-4 weeks in the freezer.

Freezing Dry Candy In The Freezer

Note: While the candies are already dry, flash-freezing is necessary for better freezing. This is done to eliminate lumps of candies upon being frozen.

Things To Know!

Things To Know

  • If you are freezing candies with dry ice, always use dry ice to cover the candies before placing them in the refrigerator.
  • Your home-dried candies might not taste like professionally-dried candies, but they will still be great.
  • Always keep your freeze-dried candies airtight. This is because air contamination will spoil the food.

Can You Freeze Dry Candy Without A Machine?

Yes, you can freeze dry candy without a machine. As mentioned above, this can be done with dry ice. The process of freezing dry candy with dry ice is already mentioned above. It is straightforward and can be safely done at home.

Can You Freeze Dry Candy Without A Machine

Also, be careful while handling dry ice because improper handling might lead to an explosion. Remember you should never seal the box of dry ice completely. Additionally, store the box in a cool and dry place for the best results.

Is Freeze-dried Candy Safe To Eat?

Yes, it is completely safe to consume freeze-dried candies. However, they should be consumed in moderation as they are mostly made of sugar. These candies are just like normal candies, they contain the same amount of nutrients. The only difference is that freeze-dried candies are low in moisture. They are also very shelf-stable.

Is Freeze-dried Candy Safe To Eat

Summing it up, that was all about freezing dry candy at home. I have mentioned two methods of freezing that candy. You can try any one of them at home easily and the results will be amazing. Just make sure to follow the steps properly.

How To Freeze Dry Candy

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