Can You Freeze Monterey Jack Cheese? Does It Freeze Well?

Can You Freeze Monterey Jack Cheese?

Monterey Jack cheese has its origin in the regions of California. It is white in color and particularly made of cow’s milk. And we all know about its delicate flavor, with an element of sweetness, right? Have you ever thought if you could purchase it in bulk and store it?

Can You Freeze Monterey Jack Cheese

Can you freeze Monterey Jack cheese? Yes, you can freeze the cheese, but with care! This is because sometimes even improper freezing can hamper the texture and flavor of the cheese. Well, do not worry. I have solutions for these kinds of doubts. Continue reading till the end for the answers!

How To Freeze Monterey Jack Cheese?

Freezing Monterey Jack cheese can be very simple, but needs special attention. You have to be careful because you cannot let the cheese block come into air contact. This will only spoil the cheese. And you would not like that, would you?

How To Freeze Monterey Jack Cheese

Cheeses are made to be kept at a certain temperature, and freezing is the best way to preserve cheese. Check out the following methods to freeze blocks of Monterey Jack cheese:

  • Make sure your cheese blocks are not very large. If it is, cut them into smaller portions, as smaller portions of cheese will freeze better.
  • Wrap your cheese blocks adequately in plastic wrap. It is suggested that you use more than one layer of plastic wrap to protect your cheese from freezer burns.
  • You can either choose to transfer the wrapped cheese blocks into airtight containers or freezer bags. Generally, people use freezer bags for this purpose.
  • Once all these are done, label and date your packages, and place them into the freezer. And your Monterey Jack cheese is all set to freeze.

That was how you are supposed to freeze blocks of Monterey Jack cheese. On the other hand, if the cheese is in slices, just separate each slice with parchment paper before wrapping them. And then follow the same steps to freeze it.

Tips To Freeze Semi-Hard Cheese!

Tips To Freeze Semi-Hard Cheese

Now that you know the steps to freeze Monterey Jack cheese, which is semi-hard in nature, here are a few tips for better results:

  • Semi-hard cheese is softer than hard cheese, therefore do not put anything heavy on top of the cheese inside the freezer. It might destroy the softness of the cheese.
  • Do not stack the cheese packages at the edges of the freezer, it might react to freezer burns because of temperature changes inside. Place them somewhere in the middle.
  • Avoid freezing the cheese if it is in melted form. This is because it might not freeze equally as blocks of the cheese, and thus ruin texture.
  • While wrapping the cheese, make sure it does not come into air contact. Air contact can contaminate the cheese and eventually spoil it.

Does Monterey Jack Cheese Freeze Well?

Monterey Jack cheese does not fall under the category of ‘soft cheeses’ and therefore it freezes quite well. Sometimes the blocks of Monterey Jack cheese might freeze better than their slices, but we can say that it is freezer-friendly.

Does Monterey Jack Cheese Freeze Well

Semi-hard cheeses have a higher moisture content than harder cheeses, making them less resistant to freezing conditions. Having said that, it is advisable to freeze Monterey Jack cheese in blocks for the best outcomes.

How Long Can You Freeze Monterey Jack Cheese?

Then Monterey Jack cheese has a shelf life of about 6 months in the freezer. Yes, if sealed and stored properly, the cheese lasts that long in the freezer. To retain the freshness and the best taste it is suggested that you consume your frozen Monterey Jack cheese within the first six months.

How Long Can You Freeze Monterey Jack Cheese

Also, technically it is possible to store Monterey Jack cheese beyond that period. But it might show a few textural changes. If the cheese is of the highest grade and frozen at a constant temperature, it can be kept for longer.

How To Defrost Monterey Jack Cheese?

The best way to defrost Monterey Jack cheese is to transfer the frozen blocks of cheese from the freezer to the refrigerator. Keep them in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours or overnight to let the cheese defrost eventually. This will help to retain its original texture.

How To Defrost Monterey Jack Cheese

Additionally, make sure that you do not thaw cheese at room temperature, or use cheese blocks directly from the freezer. You can still sometimes use grated cheese from the freezer, but not blocks or slices. Also, never defrost cheese in a microwave. This will spoil the flavor.

Summing it up, that was all about freezing Monterey Jack cheese at home. Now you are aware of the effective ways to store your cheese for later use. So, the next time you buy Monterey Jack cheese, you can buy extra and freeze it in your freezer!

Can You Freeze Monterey Jack Cheese

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