Can You Freeze Lemon Curd? Ways to Freeze Lemon Curd

Can You Freeze Lemon Curd? Ways to Freeze Lemon Curd

Can you freeze lemon curd?
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So, if you are a person who loves to have sweets and desserts like pies and crepes, then you definitely need a lemon curd serving. You can freeze it and serve it as the perfect topping on different food items. Keep reading to know how to freeze lemon curd step by step.

Homemade lemon curd is something that everyone among us would love to eat. Therefore, we have prepared a quick recipe for you that you can follow at your home. Lemon curd is a dessert topping that appears more like a creamy jam.

Do not confuse lemon curd with any yogurt mix as there’s a difference between the two. Freezing lemon curd is an easy task and you will find some extra tips on freezing in the further sections. Yes, you can freeze your lemon and egg mix in suitable containers for a long time.

Making Lemon Curd at Home: Easy Lemon Curd Recipe

Lemon curd can give you an amazingly creamy and lemony taste on different desserts. You can eat it as a whole or top it on different food servings. Either way, you will have a tangy and sweet taste to soothe your appetite.

All you will need for this recipe is an egg, 1 cup of lemon zest, sugar, salt, lemon juice, and suitable containers to whisk all the ingredients. Making lemon curd is essentially easy and here’s a quick lemon curd recipe to help you.

You will have to use a water bath or by freezing the lemon curd you will get a lumpy mix that is not fit for eating. The only tiresome yet useful step in this recipe is whisking. You don’t need to sift or dust or roll any ingredients. Keep adding them in proportions and whisking them.

First set up a double boiler and keep the flame on high. Now add egg yolks, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, and sugar to the bowl. Keep whisking all the ingredients continuously or else your egg yolks will curdle. You will have to be patient at this stage as it might take you more than 5 minutes to get a thick texture of the curd.

The ideal time to whisk the curd is 10 minutes after which you can turn off the flame. As the curd is still hot, add in chopped butter cubes and keep whisking them into the curd. Now you have your lemon curd ready and you can freeze it for future use. Yes, it was that easy!

How to Store Lemon Curd in a Cake?

When you make lemon curd you will notice that a slight change in temperature leads to curdling of the curd. Thus, it is better to maintain the appropriate temperature to prevent any changes in the texture of the curd. The lemon curd will stay fresh even if it is applied to a cake as icing if you freeze lemon curd properly. Take individual cake slices and wrap them tightly in cling films. Then, freeze these slices in airtight containers and use them within 10 days.

How Can You Freeze Lemon Curd at Home?

Steps to freeze lemon curd
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You can freeze lemon curd for quite a long time if you follow the steps to freeze properly. Freezing lemon curd is an easy task and you can prepare it within a couple of minutes. Follow these four basic steps to freeze lemon curd.

  1. Firstly, prepare lemon curd as per your recipe or follow the one given above. Then, transfer it to a separate bowl and allow it to cool at room temperature. Storing it while it is still hot will destroy its flavor and texture.
  2. Transfer it to a glass container or any other airtight container or bag which is available to you. Make sure the container or bag is clean and dry with no trace of moisture in it.
  3. Add a label to the container and seal it tightly before freezing. Do not allow external air to enter the bag or container.
  4. Freeze the bag in the freezer and use it when needed.

Steps to Freeze Lemon Curd into Ice Cubes

Can lemon curd be frozen into ice cubes? Yes, it surely can work that way. So, if you are not willing to freeze an entire jar or bag with curd then you can freeze individual cubes of the same. Here’s how to do so.

  1. Firstly, allow the curd to cool down completely. Then, take clean ice cube trays and cling films for preparing ice cubes.
  2. Pour lemon curd into the ice cube tray and fill it almost to the brim of the tray but not completely. Then, wrap the tray with cling film tightly so that no air molecules enter within.
  3. Drop the trays in the freezer carefully and allow them to freeze for 8 hours or overnight.
  4. Remove the frozen lemon curd ice cubes and shift them to airtight bags for further freezing. Add labels to these bags and drop them in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Curd?

Yes, you can freeze curd for as long as an entire year. You can follow the similar ice cube tray method as given above to freeze curd and use it accordingly. However, since curd is a mixture of fat and water there are chances that it will curdle or crystallize on freezing. Thus, you have to be patient when you thaw curd.

Can You Freeze Lemon or Lemon Curd Tarts?

You can definitely store lemon curd tarts in the freezer for a sufficiently long time. Freeze individual tart pieces wrapped in cling films in airtight jars. Or you can freeze the entire tart by wrapping it in cling film and placing it in an airtight box. For lemons, you can freeze lemon juice in the form of ice cubes, if you have an excess of it.

Tips for Freezing Lemon Curd

Tips to freeze lemon curd
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Here are some tips to aid you in the process of lemon curd freezing. Without creating much suspense, here we have 3 basic tips that you must be aware of while freezing this rich and delicate dessert.

  1. Never try to freeze lemon curd while it’s still hot. This will create a perfect environment for bacterial growth and ultimately your freezer might get messy from bacterial contamination.
  2. Always add labels to the frozen lemon curd cubes so that you don’t confuse them with something else. Also, wrap them in cling films but leave some space for the ice cubes to expand on freezing.
  3. You can try freezing different types of flavored curds apart from lemon curd.

How to thaw Frozen Lemon Curd?

To thaw frozen lemon curd you need to be extremely patient. Hasting this process will leave you with nothing but a curdled and messy yellow semisolid thing. So, if you have frozen lemon curd into ice cubes then, the process becomes a lot easier.

Simply remove the number of cubes you need and place them in the fridge overnight. Allow the cubes to melt slowly and then give them a whisk before using them. Whisking will help you get the original texture of the curd.

How to use Defrosted Lemon Curd?

Defrosted lemon curd can be used in all recipes where you need fresh lemon curd. Thus, you can drizzle it over your desserts or you can eat it raw. Tarts, crepes, pastries, shakes, cake icings, etc. can be easily prepared with thawed lemon curd.

How Long Should You Freeze Lemon Curd?

How Long Should You Freeze Lemon Curd?
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Lemon curd can stay in the freezer for a good year but you must freeze it properly. If there are any chances of air leakage in the airtight container or if you don’t seal the container tightly, then things might get worse.

Leaving lemon curd in the freezer unattended for a month wouldn’t do any harm to its flavor or texture. However, if you put it in the freezer anywhere after a month without freezing it properly then it will go bad.

Also, do not refreeze lemon curd as it might get crystallized and taste bland.

Now, you know how to freeze lemon curd at home with two easy methods. Create delicious recipes from frozen lemon curd and rule your parties!

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