Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese?

Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese?

The limited shelf life of dairy products is well known, and mozzarella cheese is not an exception. However, mozzarella cheese is one of those things you might find yourself with a surplus of, unlike that carton of milk which, no matter what, always appears to be running out. Whether you splurged on the bag full of shredded mozzarella on a pizza-making night or made a Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella to appreciate those exquisite farmer’s market tomatoes, you must now know if you can freeze mozzarella cheese.

Yes, in a nutshell, although the degree of success will greatly rely on the kind of mozzarella cheese we’re discussing. Continue reading to know more!

Can You Freeze Mozzarella Cheese?

Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella is an Italian cheese that is produced using a special technique that involves stretching and warming cheese curds to give it its incomparable silky smooth feel. The smooth, distinctive mozzarella balls are formed as the cheese is brought together; these balls are then sliced from the mass of elastic cheese curds. In fact, mozzarella gets its name from the Italian verb “mozzare”, which means “to cut off.”

In the past, this procedure was carried out entirely by hand each and every day, and the fresh cheese that was produced was greatly valued in Italy. Modern food technology and cold storage facilities have made it possible to produce mozzarella of exceptional quality in commercial facilities many days ahead of usage.

As mozzarella’s popularity grew outside of Italy, where water buffalo are less common, it became necessary to use milk from other sources. Traditionally, mozzarella is prepared from the milk of Italian water buffalo. Even though cow’s milk is the most common type of milk used to make mozzarella cheese today, sheep’s and goat’s milk are also used to make some goods.

But what if you require preservation for a longer duration of time?

Can you freeze mozzarella cheese?

Freeze Mozzarella Cheese

Yes! But first things first: be aware that the texture of the defrosted mozzarella will be noticeably different, regardless of the kind of mozzarella cheese you are trying to freeze. This is because cheese is made up of water and fat particles, which respond very differently to cold temperatures.

As we all know, when water freezes, it forms ice crystals. The smooth, rounded fat cells that these minuscule crystals peacefully coexist with at normal temperatures are susceptible to injury from their sharp edges. Instead of the silky smooth texture, you would expect from a piece of cheese after defrosting, the cheese may become crumbly or grainy. When placed in the freezer, cheeses with a higher fat content typically perform better than cheeses with a higher water content.

what is the good news? These fat cells are totally broken down when cheese is melted! Due to the fact that any textural anomalies disappear when cheese is cooked and melted, frozen cheese is appropriate for applications where it will be used.

How can you freeze fresh mozzarella cheese?

It is simple to freeze fresh mozzarella cheese. These are the procedures to follow if you’re ready to take a chance at changing the cheese’s soft texture.

First, drain the liquid from the fresh mozzarella cheese.

Fresh mozzarella cheese is maintained in the form of balls in a liquid. You must drain the liquid before freezing the cheese. Make sure to remove any remaining extra moisture from the cheese after the liquid has been drained. Using a paper towel will help the cheese to dry.

Failure to remove excess moisture will result in the production of ice crystals inside the freezer, which will cause freezer burn.

You could choose to cut the dried mozzarella cheese into smaller pieces for freezing after drying it. It is simpler to take precisely the right amount of frozen cheese while cooking if the quantities are smaller and in individual sizes.

Second, put the fresh mozzarella cheese in freezer-friendly packaging.

Slice the fresh mozzarella cheese balls into smaller pieces and then wrap each piece in plastic wrap. Place the frozen-safe bag with the wrapped mozzarella cheese inside. Try to remove as much air from the freezer-safe bag as you can before sealing it. You can use a straw to do this.

Place the freezer bag on a cookie sheet flat and properly seal it. The current date can be written on the freezer-safe bag using a marker. You may keep track of how long the fresh mozzarella cheese has been frozen by referring to the written date.

Third, store the cookie sheet in a secure freezer compartment.

Fresh mozzarella cheese is soft, so it makes sense to store it in a secure area where it won’t get crushed. If you want to keep the texture significantly, avoid laying heavier food items on it.
Even though cheese can last indefinitely at 0°F, it should be consumed within six months of being frozen.

What is the shelf life of mozzarella cheese in the freezer?

What is the shelf life of mozzarella cheese in the freezer?

For around nine months, mozzarella cheese may be stored in the freezer without losing its quality. No matter how well you package your mozzarella, you should anticipate it to have a dryer, crumblier texture when you take it out of the freezer than when you put it in.

Before placing your mozzarella cheese in your freezer, it’s also crucial that you inspect it. It would be better to avoid freezing something if it is already exhibiting indicators that it is getting close to expiring.

It won’t last long if you freeze leftover mozzarella cheese. Instead, until you take the cheese out again, your freezer, which you should have adjusted to at least zero degrees Fahrenheit, will keep the cheese fresh. Additionally, that mozzarella will be past its prime and in a dryer, less appetising condition. You guessed it.

Knowing how to defrost frozen mozzarella will be necessary when you’re ready to use it. One of the most secure solutions is to defrost it in the refrigerator. Your cheese will gradually defrost in this manner without running the risk of a bacterial invasion.

Depending on how thick the slices are, frozen mozzarella cheese thaws differently. For instance, it usually takes a few hours for frozen mozzarella cheese to defrost. However, it could take a day to cut enormous blocks of mozzarella cheese.

You can also try removing the mozzarella from the freezer and using it right away if you’re using it in a recipe that calls for melting cheese.

How to spot bad frozen mozzarella cheese?

Since your mozzarella can naturally change texture in the freezer, figuring out whether frozen mozzarella cheese is rotten might be challenging. But the following are some warning indicators to look out for:

  • Discoloration
  • Pungent odor
  • Sour flavor

Just keep in mind that if you freeze mozzarella cheese, especially shredded cheese, you should anticipate it to crumble when it thaws. On the other hand, fresh mozzarella will probably get soggier if you try to freeze it.

If you see mold, you should never eat mozzarella. According to the Mayo Clinic, while not all mold is dangerous to humans, some kinds do infiltrate soft and shredded cheeses more deeply.

Ways of defrosting frozen mozzarella cheese

To defrost frozen mozzarella cheese, there are two simple methods. It can be defrosted either in the refrigerator or in cold water. Here are some further details on how to defrost frozen mozzarella cheese:

The quickest way for defrosting frozen mozzarella cheese is to thaw it in cold water. Remove the cheese-filled freezer-safe bag from the freezer and immerse it in ice water. After approximately an hour, leave it in the water and check on it again. You should give it another hour or so in the water if it isn’t completely defrosted.

Although it takes several hours, thawing frozen mozzarella cheese in the refrigerator is better and more effective than other methods. Simply store the cheese in your refrigerator overnight, then check on it the following morning. Additionally, mozzarella cheese that has thawed in the fridge can be frozen once more and used the following day.

However, you can use the frozen mozzarella cheese straight from the freezer. You can add the frozen cheese right into the cooking pot along with other ingredients if it will be used in a recipe.

How can you freeze mozzarella cheese: Key Takeaways

Understanding the properties of mozzarella cheese can help you freeze it in a way, so be sure to do so. Since mozzarella has more moisture than other cheeses, the freezing process will have a significant impact on the cheese’s texture. However, thankfully, the thawed mozzarella’s flavor will not change and all texture issues will be resolved once it has melted.

There is a freezing method for you, whatever kind of mozzarella you have! Depending on whether the mozzarella cheese is fresh or low moisture, you can freeze it either way: directly in a freezer bag or on a baking sheet. Regardless of the situation, the most crucial step is to make sure the packages are sealed tightly to prevent freezer burn.

In conclusion, storing mozzarella cheese is a fantastic technique to guarantee that you always have some available. So go ahead and try one of our cheese-filled dishes!